What is Christian Divorce Recovery Counseling?


After divorce, many people may fall into a depression or troubling emotional states that need to be addressed. Christian Divorce Recovery Counseling is the way to heal any wounds that may still be open.

Marriage, as God intended it for our lives, is a spiritual bond designed to bring fulfilment and growth. However, God’s children are not perfect and we do make mistakes. Mistakes can lead to hopeless situations where divorce is the only solution.

A study published in the Journal of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry warns of the psychological consequences of divorce. Such a break-up can damage the mind and spirit. It is therefore important to treat each of the symptoms to avoid further damage.

What Christian Divorce Recovery Counseling Can Do for You

People who come to Christian Divorce Recovery Counseling usually feel that they have failed, that they have turned their back on God. The feeling of anguish seems to be impossible to stop, yet the Word tells us of the importance of forgiving and forgiving ourselves.

In Matthew 19:5 God called us to become one flesh. When a marriage forged under God’s blessing faces problems, the first option is always to seek help and work together for a solution. Even so, there are cases where divorce may be the only way out of an aimless relationship.

If you have found yourself in need of divorce, don’t despair or feel defeated. Counselling is a safe way to work on rebuilding your self-esteem and healing the wounds.

How to work on recovery after divorce

It is certainly possible to restore your life despite the pain. But in many cases, you need the help of a professional to guide you through the process. Asking for help is not synonymous with failure; on the contrary, it demonstrates strength.

The guidance of a Christian counselor may be useful when going through each of the different stages after separation. It will help you to find the direction you thought you had lost and to detect the little things that are not allowing you to move forward. Here are some of the goals to achieve.

Forgetting the past

God speaks to us on more than one occasion about the importance of leaving the past behind. In fact, he erased our old self when he called us to serve him (2 Corinthians 5:17). Beginning a journey of rebuilding involves, as Isaiah 43:18 says, letting go of the old in order to focus on the future.

Forgiving the other person and oneself

However, we know that forgetting inevitably involves forgiveness. You cannot leave an unhealthy relationship behind if you do not forgive the other person. In counselling, we often hear, “How can I forgive so much hurt”; but let me tell you that forgiveness will be the only way to heal.

God taught us to forgive up to “70 times 7” (Matthew 18:21-22). This does not mean that we are only to forgive 490 times, but that we are to do so as many times as necessary, even if:

  • The other person was to blame
  • It was a great hurt
  • The other person does not take responsibility
  • You can’t tell them personally

In the same way, forgiveness is not only towards the person who hurt us, but also towards ourselves. If we fail to forgive the hurt we have caused or “failed” in our relationship, we will not be able to move forward. In Isaiah 43:25 God reminds you that He gives you forgiveness, you just have to receive it.

Caring for children and seeking the best for them

Divorce of the parents becomes especially traumatic for children. However, sometimes it is better to end the relationship so that they do not grow up in an environment of violence and lovelessness.

There are studies about the impact of divorce on children, as well as on the dissolving couple. It is therefore vital to address these wounds and to heal the bonds despite the divorce, whenever possible.

Building quality relationships

Spanish psychologist Esther Sevilla points out the importance of having quality relationships in our environment. They will be protective and supportive. Often, after a divorce, people feel that they do not deserve the love or affection of others, however, it is necessary in order to grow on a personal level.

Christian Divorce Recovery Counselling will be an ideal accompaniment at every stage and will assist in strengthening new and blessed relationships. Surrounding yourself with positive influences will be decisive in the process of restoration and, furthermore, in recovering your relationship with God.

Restoring one’s integrity

You may feel singled out, ashamed or judged after a separation. You may want to close yourself off from all possible environments for fear of other people’s opinions. That’s why in counselling we work to restore:

  • Self-esteem
  • Personal integrity
  • Selfforgiveness

The study carried out in Europe, entitled Sociology of Divorce, discusses the impact of the social context on the assimilation of divorce. It helps us to recognize the extent to which the feeling of shame is due to societal views of divorce.

But I want to tell you that He is our only judge. Don’t feel judged or challenged by society, because you have the forgiveness of the Creator. Take hold of that, live your Identity in Christ and lift up your head to be restored.

Setting new goals

In Isaiah 43:19, the Bible gives us the assurance that God opens new paths. When a relationship ends, all the goals and projects associated with it do too. The lack of new projects brings stagnation, depression and anguish. Working on personal growth is the key to complete healing.

With Christian Divorce Recovery Counseling, renewing your goals is possible. If you want to reclaim your life, give it a new direction and completely heal the pain of a separation, don’t hesitate to call 407 618 0212.

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