About Dr. Duany, LLC

Reclaim Your Peace and Happiness with Therapy
A Sanctuary for Healing and Growth

Step into Dr. Duany LLC and enter a peaceful haven where the stress and noise of the outside world dissolve.

Here, therapy is a personalized journey of self-discovery and profound transformation, where each session is a collaborative exploration tailored to your individual needs.

Using approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we address your concerns and enhance your connections.


Professional Support, Every Step

Our welcoming environment is staffed by professionals who bring both personal understanding and expert knowledge to each session, celebrating every step forward with you.

We foster a safe space where you can speak freely and experience the profound relief and renewal that comes from being truly understood and supported.

Our integrated therapeutic methods are designed to help you rediscover joy, build lasting relationships, and navigate the challenges of modern life effectively.

A Vision of Whole-Person Care

Dr. Duany LLC is a proud part of ZODU Group Corp, a multifaceted organization committed to providing holistic care that addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of individuals.

As an integral component of ZODU Group Corp, we contribute to a comprehensive care strategy that values each person as a whole.

This unique approach ensures that our clients receive psychological support and benefit from a network of services designed to nurture every aspect of their well-being.

By integrating our efforts with those of the broader ZODU Group, we offer a pathway to holistic health that is both innovative and deeply attentive to the needs of those we serve.

Your Journey to Well-Being

We invite you to continue exploring our site to learn about the transformative experiences we offer at Dr. Duany LLC.

Whether you are seeking resilience against life’s pressures or deeper connections with those around you, our customized approach is designed to meet your specific needs and help you achieve lasting change.

Contact us today at (407) 559-7093 to schedule your first session. At Dr. Duany LLC, we’re not just changing lives—we’re redefining them.