About Efraín Duany, LMFT

Reclaim Your Peace and Happiness with
Dr. Efrain Duany, LMFT

Leading Holistic Wellness

As the founder of Zodu, I am dedicated to promoting holistic well-being across physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions.

My commitment to a comprehensive wellness model ensures that each part of our service contributes to nurturing the whole person.

My work in the community and beyond exemplifies our belief that true well-being is achieved through accessible, integrated care solutions.

About Duany Jr

My Work

My credentials include:

A Doctor of Ministry in Marriage & Family Therapy and a Master of Arts in Ministry.

I am an acclaimed author and educator through my works such as "Secure Love" and various online courses.

These works extend my therapeutic impact beyond traditional sessions, enriching mental health and parenting approaches globally.