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Dr. Duany's Private Practice
Emotional healing for individuals dealing with mental health challenges.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and it seems like life has lost all meaning, we understand what you're going through.

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Your Struggle

Life can be tough, and the path to emotional healing may seem unreachable.

Our Role

We are here to help you by providing emotional healing and guidance to broken hearts.

Our Plan

Here are three simple steps to start your therapeutic journey:

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment. Our first step is to understand you and your unique challenges. By scheduling an appointment, you'll be able to share your story in a safe and supportive environment.

Step 2: Develop your Personal Treatment Plan. Next, We collaborate to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. This roadmap combines our clinical expertise with your strengths, guiding you to overcome emotional obstacles.

Step 3: Embark on your Healing Journey. This is where true healing begins. Together, we implement the treatment plan using proven therapeutic strategies, paving the way to emotional well-being and fulfillment.


Heal your heart today.


Your next step

You don't have to face your challenges alone. Call us now at: (+1) 407-559-7093 to schedule your first appointment. By doing so, you will receive a 15 minutes free session.

Your future

We will walk with you in your journey towards emotional healing, providing you with peace, hope and purpose in your life.

No more suffering

Don't wait any longer to find the help you deserve. We are here to accompany and guide you towards an emotionally healthy life.


Personal & GroupTherapy Sessions

If you ever want to start your emotional transformation, the healing process is simple. 1. We will help you understand your problem. 2. We will develop together a treatment plan to address the problem. 3. We will execute the treatment plan and bring emotional healing to your heart.

Family on a therapy

Improve your home

Family Therapy

Christian Family therapy brings parents, siblings and extended family members such as aunts, uncles and grandparents into the treatment process.

Couple talking to a marriage counselor

Get Ready

Life Coaching that works

Dr. Duany and his team provide one-on-one life coaching sessions that are tailored to each individual's unique needs, helping them to identify their goals and reach them quickly and easily.

Become a Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator

Solve your problems

Prepare-Enrich Facilitator

Becoming certified in PREPARE/ENRICH is simple. Just attend a one-day workshop in your area, and you’ll learn exactly how to use the program.

Couple talking at therapy session with professional male therapist

Improve your relation

Couples Therapy

You see a doctor for an ache or cough that won't go away. But where can you turn if your relationship needs a shot in the arm?

African American teenage boy having individual therapy session with mental health professional.

Rise Above

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a psychotherapy or talk therapy implemented by a trained professional to help someone work through a variety of problems.

speaking engagements

Empower Communities

Speaking Engagement

Would you like to have Dr. Duany speaking at your next event? Chose from a wide range of topics, tailored to your church, private setting or school.

Get 15-Minutes complimentary session and begin your healing now.

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Become a Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator
dr duany jr

Empowering Communities

Speaking Engagement .

Dr. Duany is a dynamic preacher used by God to touch the life of today’s families. His charisma and passion has transformed the life of many people around the world.

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Empowering Communities

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Dr. Duany is a dynamic preacher used by God to touch the life of today’s families. His charisma and passion has transformed the life of many people around the world.