About Zoraida Duany

Reclaim Your Peace and Happiness with Zoraida Duany
Mental Health Counselor Registered Intern


My Background

As the co-founder of ZODU Group Corp, I blend my passion for education with my commitment to mental health.

My relentless pursuit of knowledge led me to earn a Master's in Mental Health from the prestigious Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2022.

I am currently expanding my academic horizons further with a second master’s degree to become a behavior analyst.

Educator and Advocate for Mental Health

With over two decades dedicated to promoting learning and human well-being, I have profoundly impacted the lives of countless students through my teaching in New Jersey and Florida.

In my role as a registered mental health counselor in Florida, I have advocated for greater understanding and empathy toward mental health issues.

I have also worked tirelessly to reduce the stigma surrounding these conditions and enhance the quality of life for my patients.

With my unwavering dedication and significant contributions as both an educator and a mental health advocate, I continue to be a guiding light in the mental health community, poised to influence and inspire for many years to come.