7 Secrets of Entrepreneurial Mothers

Are you a mother who wants to start a business? Well, I know some secrets of mom entrepreneurs that can help you to start your business project.

It is common knowledge that being a daughter, wife, mother, neighbor and entrepreneur can be overwhelming. However, many women have managed to overcome and, moreover, show that motherhood was not an obstacle to achieve their goals.

If you are a mother and you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, let me tell you these secrets that will be useful for your growth.

Secrets of entrepreneurial mothers that you should know

I have selected 7 secrets of entrepreneurial moms that can guide your entrepreneurship without putting your loved ones on the back burner. They will also help you deal with the feelings of guilt that a mother who decides to become an entrepreneur tends to experience. Below, pay attention to each one of these secrets.

1.   Validate and consolidate your own requirements

In this topic of “women’s liberation” there are still many matters to conquer, but each woman must conquer herself first. It is important that she recognizes that her individual needs are just as important as those of her partner and children.

To become an entrepreneur, you need to be clear about what goals you want to achieve, what areas you would like to explore and what you dream of in your heart. Likewise, you need to visualize your business. If you are already clear, consider:

  • What do you need to achieve it?
  • What is the first step you need to take?
  • Do you deserve to achieve what you dream of?
  • Are you willing to achieve it?

Exercising yourself in this way will strengthen you to work in harmony with the need to lovingly care for your home. The mother who validates, consolidates and satisfies her needs has already started towards her first success: the personal success of self-love.

2.   Investing in growth.

Another of the secrets of entrepreneurial mothers is that they invest what is necessary in their growth. Mothers who have decided to explore the work field invest time and money in:

  • Academic background.
  • Useful tools and resources for your job or business.
  • Personal care and attention.
  • Planning and organizational time.

This has been a difficult step for many of the women I have accompanied. They always tend to prioritize their children’s needs to the exclusion of their own. You will need to commit to yourself!

3.   Planning, organizing and separating moments

It should be noted that women have excellent planning skills due to their well-developed prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain helps regulate planning, problem solving and decision making.

For the entrepreneurial mother, it is important to organize herself and manage to harmonize the responsibilities of each role. At the beginning it will not be easy, especially if you start from home. However, the secret lies in the following practices:

  • Give the necessary attention to each activity and responsibility, whether individual, family or social.
  • Establish schedules and priorities among the different roles.
  • Schedule commitments and learn as a family to respect each member’s individual and shared activities.
  • Learn to be flexible in planning, especially if children are young or require specific attention.

4.   Exercise patience

Being patient is vital for any entrepreneurship, but for a mother who is an entrepreneur it is even more so. Therefore, it is important to enjoy the small advances and not to be in a hurry to achieve the goals. Especially when starting the project or during the difficult days with the children, the partner or the environment.

Accepting that there will be hard days, that there are limitations and that chaos is not eternal is one of the secrets of entrepreneurial mothers to be patient.

5.   Spend time alone

If there is one resource that mothers really value and have very little of, it is time. Therefore, applying the secret I mentioned before (see #6) is essential to avoid stressful situations that make you less productive in your tasks.

Also, being alone to rest, do physical activity, read, listen to music and/or socialize is time well invested in your schedule. However, I want to emphasize moments for meditation and reflection.

Some research has revealed that meditation has been found to be effective in stimulating concentration and other benefits.

6.    Build a support network

This is one of the secrets of entrepreneurial mothers that has great relevance. Recognizing that we need the help of others makes it clear that there are certain limitations and that we are not alone in addressing them.

Support can be provided by family members, other women, partners, friends, institutions, collaborators, among others. The need to seek support is palpable even in recognized organizations such as UN Women to strengthen the mission.

Women who set out for success find in God their main support, strength and sustenance (Philippians 4:13). Moreover, they recognize that He is the one who has provided them with gifts and talents and, therefore, they pray and read the Bible seeking His guidance.

7.   Entrepreneurship with meaning and purpose

The last of the entrepreneurial mother secrets I share has its basis in 1 Corinthians 13.1-3. In this passage we find that the fullness of what we do is to be found in:

  • Enjoying the satisfaction of transcending and developing in community.
  • Putting at the service of others the abilities and talents received from God.
  • Loving through honest and committed service.

Human beings were created in the image and likeness of God, so the spirit of love and service is inherent to their need for fulfillment. Therefore, beyond being a dreamed desire, a successful business is one that has a positive meaning and purpose for everyone.

In fact, when what we do has a purpose, we are more likely to put more effort and provide better service. Consequently, we will have satisfied and happy clients and family members who will continue to support our work.

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