Your thoughts define your reality in your mind


The things you say to yourself determine the way you perceive reality and how you act when facing it. Dare to discover the script of your life and rewrite it, so you can be yourself and reach your potential.

Have you ever wondered why things always go wrong for you? Why you are not happy? Or, why is it so hard for you to reach the dream you have for your life? Why, even though you call yourself a Christian, do you find yourself stuck repeating the same unhealthy behaviors you experienced when you met the gospel? If you are one of those who constantly wonders what the difference is between those who do achieve what they aspire to and those who do not, this topic will interest you.The reality in Israel mind

The people of Israel experienced the same thing we often experience. They left Egypt free by the mighty hand of God. They had God’s presence with them at all times. So, they saw impressive miracles throughout their journey, but despite all that, a whole generation of men, except for Joshua and Caleb, were buried in the desert.

The argument we have been developing in the book “Learning to Love” is that the people of Israel did not grow emotionally. Emotional and spiritual growth must be intentional, and both must go hand in hand. You cannot grow spiritually if you do not grow emotionally. Human beings have three dimensions: spiritual, physical, and emotional.

All three must be integrated and balanced. If I care about the spiritual and physical dimensions and neglect the emotional dimension, I will not have balance in my life. And the result will be that I will not be able to grow to reach maturity.

All this becomes more relevant when we consider the cognitive development process of the human mind. God brought me into existence through my parent’s intimate relationship, they should have been my example of how to interpret the world around me. In other words, my parents had the responsibility of being the first teachers in my emotional growth.

The reality in our mind

The first seven years of my life were key in this process because in this period. I was forming my life script. In that script of life, all the emotional dynamics were reflected. They are the command, orders, and limiting or empowering beliefs that I received from my parents. That is why a script is a life plan that contains the most significant of what is going to happen to a person.

It is not a destiny determined by the gods. But it has its origin in the beginnings of life, in childhood. In the early decisions that a child makes to adapt and survive in his/her environment. So, they are installed as a program that leads the person in the future unconsciously. Unless he/she decides to become aware of the beliefs and unconscious decisions that rule them.

That life script is a part of your subconscious that dominates your life. Thus, the problem is that what you say to yourself determines how you perceive reality and how you act before it. The limiting beliefs written in our life scripts do not allow us to reach our full potential. Limiting beliefs are a perception of reality that prevents you from progressing, growing, making decisions aligned with yourself, or reaching your potential. In my blog, I will continue developing this concept.

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