Self discovery and attachments

Lets know the relation between self-knowledge and attachments


Sometimes the little things we cling to don’t allow us to see ourselves as we are, which are our attachments. This human condition leads us to create Attachments. Without realizing it, we become attached to people, children, ideas, routines, and plans that separate us from God’s heart because we are attached to passing things.

Self-knowledge and attachments

Self-knowledge implies the opportunity of describing ourselves in the most real and objective way possible in the essential aspects of our being: our attachments. The process of self-knowledge must be linked to the conscious, intentional plane so that we do not fall into an idealization of who we are. On the other hand, it also happens that we meet people who know their partners, their children, and their parents more than they know themselves. The lack of personal knowledge is extended to every area of our life.

Self-knowledge is a tool to address self-esteem issues, personal growth, and self-realization. When it comes to the desire to achieve important things in life, the lack of self-knowledge hinders the process of future generations, which can present in several ways. An example of this fact is when a father clings to the idea that his son must inherit his selfish ideals, and this heritage separates the son from his self-realization.

How do you start knowing yourself?

Take time for self-knowledge exercises. A very powerful one is emotional writing. Writing a diary for weeks and months can lead to a deep understanding of the direction you are leading your life in. Writing a diary is a way to make the inner self emerge. This act provides the dialogue between the ideal personal image and the one you have at the moment. It is a quiet activity through which you can focus and write what you are not ready to express out loud.

Some questions to be answered when writing the diary and can be helpful when performing introspection are: Who am I? What do I love? And, what would I say to my future “me”?

Growing up as a person is a lifelong process. If your thoughts about the future are dark, negative, or limiting, be aware that you can change them. How? By giving an important meaning to your life experiences. Just because you have lived traumatizing experiences does not mean you must stay anchored to them.

Life does not give you what you want, but what you need to move forward. That is why it is recommended to create a lifeline with experiences and learning. Experience teaches us that we do not always take the appropriate path. And that we can find ourselves in a situation where we feel far from our essence. This leads us to live on autopilot, distanced from our dreams, our aspirations, and our needs.

The absurd part of the attachments

Other things that illustrate an absurd part of attachments are all those daily inclinations that become imperfections without us even realizing it. They take us away from loving others, such as when we stick to little things. Sometimes, it is as silly as a preferred object like a pen that writes perfectly, or a new car. We are unable to tolerate seeing it deteriorating. And we even complain about people who have the misfortune of sharing it.

And finally, the most painful attachment, without a doubt, is mourning due to the loss of a loved one. When the “someone” who is already gone can keep us angry, even with God. Why be angry with God? He is the Lord of the universe. When we go through a similar situation of pain and anguish, we must trust in God. We must believe that everything that happens in our life is in perfect harmony with his plan for us. It is a necessary conviction to elevate our spirit and reach self-knowledge.

So, if we want to see each other clearly, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to the whole truth. Including the deepest truths about ourselves, which are hidden in our subconscious. Otherwise, we will not be able to see ourselves with greater enlightenment.

Now, take advantage of this reading and introduce a new idea to your mind. This idea can help you understand a little more about the subject: our imperfections separate our hearts from God’s love. What are the imperfections that keep you clinging to them daily and do not allow you to know yourself?


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