Awaken your consciousness and discover your potential


Awaken your consciousness and discover your potential. Today, we will learn that if you awaken your consciousness, you will discover your potential and your reach will be unlimited. There will not be a giant in your way that you cannot beat.

– A very poor and young European man decided to visit his relatives in the United States. With great effort, he managed to save enough money to buy a ticket on a boat. He bought his ticket and the ship sailed to America. He made provision to eat sardines with cookies because he had no money to buy food on the ship. His wish was to get to the United States.

The first day, he ate cookies and sardines. The second day, he ate the same. The third day, he got tired of eating the same food and it disgusted him. He was very weak and had no strength. A boat waiter noticed that he was very pale and asked him: “Sir, is there something wrong? I noticed that you are feeling down.” The young man told him that he was hungry and that he did not want to continue eating sardines and cookies because he had been eating the same thing for two days. The waiter told him: the ticket you bought to board this ship included all the meals you wanted to eat on the boat. The young man was starving and having a hard time because he did not know what was included in his ticket.

Many people walk blindly in this world, without knowing the potential they have as sons and daughters of God. They suffer in silence, they do not reach for their dreams, they have no happiness because they believe they do not have the resources to fulfill their dreams and to live extraordinary lives.

I want to challenge you to awaken your consciousness. What do I mean by this? What I want you to do is to look inside yourself. Turn on the light of your consciousness so that you can discover all the things God gave you when He created you, so you can reach your fullness in Jesus.

Not awakening your consciousness has led you to live a miserable life full of failures. You are confused about your identity. You do not think it is possible to make it, to be happy, and achieve the dreams God has for you.

Since you live in the dark, you are continuously looking for the negative aspects of life, and you underestimate the positive ones. This cognitive process is called selective filtering. It leads you to criticize, to complain, to pity yourself because of what you do not have, to see deficiencies and limitations as obstacles to achieve your dreams. You have a negative attitude towards life. When someone mentions how beautiful the day is, you reply, “Yes, but it will rain.” When someone compliments your hairstyle, you reply, “But it was really expensive, and I do not like it.”

If you focus on the negative things in life, your mood will worsen, and you are at risk of having anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems. But mainly, you are at risk of not reaching all the potential you have in Christ. I invite you to awaken your consciousness, to see within yourself and reach your potential in Christ.

Two groups of people: The one with consciousness off and the one with consciousness on

Description of the two groups

In 1 Samuel, the story of Goliath with the people of Israel is told.

– In this story, there are two groups: A, Those who have their consciousness off and do not know each other.

And B, those who have awakened their consciousness and know each other.

Consciousness turned off

– David’s brothers and the whole army.

When they saw the giant Goliath, they told themselves they could not defeat this giant. “We do not have the resources, the courage, the physical preparation, the human condition.” They looked at the situation through the selective filtration and said, “We cannot beat this giant,” and the survival instinct led them to flee and hide from the giant.

The same could be happening in your life. You have your consciousness off. Besides, you live in darkness, you do not look inside yourself. You live on autopilot without knowing what is happening. And the results are evident. You have a negative attitude towards life. You look at everything negative, what you cannot achieve, the limitations you have, the things that are missing in your life.

Besides, you compare yourself with others, and you feel disadvantaged. You think you do not have what you need to defeat the giants that rise up in your life. And this leads you to unhappiness, anguish, despair, depression, fear, and you run away, desperate to hide from the opportunities to grow and achieve your dreams. If you find yourself identifying with these types of people, the ones who  have consciousness off, it is time to awaken your consciousness and to reach your potential.

Consciousness turned on

– The other group is represented by David. A young man who went to visit his brothers and saw how Goliath, the giant, was cursing the children of God, who had their consciousness off. It is terrible to have our own consciousness off.

David, on the other hand, had discovered the power of self-knowledge. The power of having awakened our consciousness to look inside ourselves and discover our true identities.

David observed the problem, and instead of looking at the positive side. Instead of focusing on what he did not have, his limitations, he looked inside himself, at what he did have. All the potential he had by being close to God, all the victories that God had given them in their past. He decided to believe in what God had given him and not in the negative things of life. When you look inside yourself and discover who you are and the strengths you have when being close to Jesus Christ, your reach will be unlimited. There will be no giant that can stand in your presence.

– I ask you, what are the giants that are threatening your life right now? It could be the giant called addiction, poverty, disease, or generational curse. There is no giant impossible for you to defeat if you discover who you are in Jesus.

 How do we awaken our consciousness?

– The mission of the Holy Spirit is to help you awaken your consciousness so that you discover your limitations and your potential. The Holy Spirit wants you to discover who you are in Jesus. If you are a child of God, there is no giant that can get in your way because you can do all this through Christ who gives you strength.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discover the things you may need to improve in your life. And set your mind to grow.

Breathe consciously

Conscious breathing is the only activity that can keep us in the present and connect us with ourselves. It is about being attentive to our breathing for at least five or ten minutes daily. You can call it meditation, pause, connection, or breathing. If you can, do it after studying the Bible and praying. After doing this exercise on a daily basis for only five or seven days, you will notice mental clarity and a substantial improvement in your day-to-day life.

You can perform this exercise sitting or lying down. Release emotional tension through meditation.

  1. You can start by placing one hand on the abdomen and the other on your chest.
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly from your abdomen, and count silently up to 4 as you inhale.
  3. Hold your breath and count silently from 1 to 7.
  4. Exhale completely as you count silently from 1 to 8.

Try to get all the air out of your lungs by the time you reach 8.

* Repeat these steps 3 to 7 times, or until you feel calm.

* Notice how you feel at the end of the exercise.

Watch your thoughts

Thought is creative, so what we think will be what we will create. For that reason, the better our thoughts, the better our life will be. Paul said: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.


– Now you can close your eyes and identify the giant that reigns in your life as Goliath did.

– Tell that giant: This is how far you can go, I will not run from your threats anymore.

– Then, I will rise to awaken my consciousness, to discover my potential and to defeat the giant in the name of Jesus Christ.

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