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What are the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your life?


The limiting beliefs that we have in our life script sabotage our life. Let’s apply this concept to the people of Israel. The Israelite men who left Egypt were born in slavery as a result of previous generations who had been in slavery for 400 years. Can you imagine the life script that the Israelites had when they left Egypt? The limiting beliefs that did not allow them to achieve the dream of entering the Promised Land?

Limiting beliefs that can sabotage us

When the twelve spies returned from inspecting the Promised Land, ten of them reflected in their comments the limiting beliefs they carried in their subconscious. Their limiting beliefs led them to say: we cannot conquer the Promised Land, we will not make it. We are slaves, we have no courage, and we are not important.

We look like grasshoppers next to the Canaanite giants. All this is a reflection of a life script loaded with low self-esteem. The results, you know. The limiting beliefs of all that generation of men who left Egypt led them to self-sabotage that resulted at the end of their lives in the desert when they were only steps away from achieving their dreams.

On the other hand, Joshua and Caleb showed that they had grown emotionally and had rewritten their life script. The script of these two men was rewritten with empowering beliefs. Thus, they had seen the hand of God guiding their steps. They believed in His promises and paid attention to the Word of God.

Although they were born in slavery, they decided not to let their past decide their fate and rose to rewrite their life script, rejecting the limiting beliefs with which they were born and replacing them with God’s truth that told them “this land belongs to you.”

What are the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your life?

  • Maybe you are telling yourself:
  • I have no money to achieve what I want.
  • Changing my current situation is not that easy.
  • I wish I could change my life, but it is impossible now.
  • I am afraid of making a mistake when making this decision.
  • In life, everything is a matter of luck.

It is not your fault that so far, you have not achieved what you want for your life, but the limiting belief that you have installed in your life script.

So, I challenge you to not let your limiting beliefs choose for you. Believe God. He has a dream for you, as He had a dream for the people of Israel. He has land for you that you must conquer. Do not stay at the borders as a result of your limiting beliefs. Believe God.

He tells you: You can do everything in Christ. I will give you the desires of your heart. I have thoughts of peace and not evil to give you the end you expect. Those who wait on Me shall have new strength. I am going to give you everything you need according to my wealth. You are more than a conqueror because I have loved you. He who hears me will well confidently. Do not be afraid.

Believe God and program your life script, trusting the promises of a God who has a glorious plan for your life.

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