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Foundations of a healthy marriage


Do you know how a house is structured? Do you know the process for building a house? A house is made of several parts, each is important and has a specific role. Did you know that a marriage is built the same way as a house? Let’s see how to build a healthy marriage.

Foundations of a healthy marriage

A house requires three things: a foundation, walls, and ceiling. The house we are currently living in was built recently. We followed every step of its construction. The foundations, the walls, and the ceiling, everything were done in order, according to the architect’s design. Not following the architect’s plan is certain to lead to failure.

My wife loves decorating the house. She has plants all over the house, as well as mirrors, paintings, figurines, and furniture. But none of that is of any use if the house does not have a solid foundation, walls that resist storms, and a roof that protects everyone inside from inclement weather. Every aspect of the construction has an order and a purpose.

It’s the same in a marriage, which must have a good foundation, a good basis. It must have walls that protect it, and a ceiling. Everything must follow an order. Many people get married and believe that making love all day is enough and everything else in the marriage will work out just fine.

I have met men who have told me, “If my wife cooks well, that is enough for me.” Others say, “If she has a nice body, that is all I need.” This is like saying, “if my house has nice decorations, that is enough,” or, “if it has the right furniture, that is enough.” It is pointless to have decorations, furniture, flowers, or expensive items if the house does not have a good foundation and has not been built correctly. When the storms arrive, everything will collapse.

The Book of Matthew describes Jesus speaking about two builders: the one who built on rock and the one who built on sand.

What is building on the sand when it comes to marriage?

It is saying “I love you” on the wedding night and not repeating it ever again. In my office, I see many patients who come to me with complaints about husbands who do not tell them they love them and that they do not receive hugs from them.

  • Building a marriage on sand can also happen when, for example, a woman is willing to cook very good meals, but she does not want to be intimate with her husband. Intimacy is important in marriage.
  • Building a marriage on sand is when you drive a nice car for the year, but there is no money to pay for it. Financial problems are one cause of marital conflicts.
  • Marriage is also built on the sand when people want to be married, but they do not share quality time.
  • A marriage is built on the sand when there are no limits and there is room for other people, such as a mother-in-law or others, to interfere in the relationship.
  • It is also built on the sand when there is no time for God in the marriage. When people begin to have problems, during a hurricane, everything will collapse without God.

In the next posts, we will be talking about how to build a marriage on the firm rock that is Jesus Christ. But, to be able to build effectively on the rock, we must be clear about how to structure our marriage in such a way that it lasts and withstands all the changes that will come.

We will start by understanding the foundation that marriage must be built on to make it a happy, healthy, and blessed marriage.

The foundation of a healthy marriage

A marriage is built the same way a good foundation is laid when building a house. The foundation we lay to build our marriage will determine how strong it will be when all the life changes come. If it is a strong foundation, built on Jesus, our Rock, the marriage will be steady on the Rock no matter what problems come, or what storms hit.

On the contrary, if the foundations are anchored to banalities, appearances, deceptions, or lack of intimacy, storms will come and hit the weak foundations and the marriage will collapse in the face of change.

What foundation must every marriage have?

The answer is God. Yes, the foundation of every marriage is God! Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain (Psalm 127: 1). God instituted marriage, and He wants to be the center of it.

God said, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” What does this mean? That man was created in the image of God. Marriage is God’s invention and must show the relational image of God, a triune God manifested in three persons.

Since we are God’s creation, in his image and likeness, when building the marriage, we must put into practice the conception of love that comes from God, in which intimacy (not only sexual intimacy), understanding, respect, acceptance, harmony, and working together constitute the pillars of the foundations on which the rest of the structure of the house will lie.

And when we understand this great truth, we might ask ourselves, how do I build my marriage on that foundation that God provides? The answer is found in the truths and advice that God has left in his Word.

Spend time alone with God

the couple should have time to be alone with God. The couple takes time to pray together and stays together. This must be a priority in every Christian home. Pray as a married couple and family.

Follow God’s will

A couple who has God as the foundation of the relationship makes the decision to let God’s will define their lives. If God instituted marriage, don’t you think He knows which decisions are best to make in a marriage? How many relationships today are emotionally and spiritually bankrupt because they left God’s will aside to satisfy their desires and whims?

This was exactly what happened with Adam and Eve. They put God’s will aside to satisfy what seemed right before their eyes. That is why every couple must take the time to seek God’s will through the Holy Scriptures.


A couple that has God as the foundation in their relationship forgives in the same way that God forgives us. One of the main teachings we can find in the Bible is that we must forgive, just as God forgives us. Forgiveness in marriage is one of the strongest foundations a relationship can have.

To err is human, but forgiving comes from God. He taught us that we must forgive. With forgiveness, wounds will heal, problems and conflicts will be resolved, and an opportunity will be given to correct mistakes. And, this way, the marriage will remain anchored to the rock, no matter how strong the storm that hits.

A healthy marriage

Everything said above will be supported by love as a strong basis, which will be the main material for not only the foundation of marriage but the entire structure. Unconditional love for God as your creator and unconditional love for your partner.

Have you stopped to think about the foundations of your marriage? Do those foundations reflect the relational image of God? Are those foundations strong, or are they weak foundations? Have you been beaten and weakened by life experiences?

Is there any other foundation you think could be of great importance? Share your answers with us in the comment section. This way we can enrich our experience together. God bless you.

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