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Do you know the power of your mind?


Let’s discover the Power of the Mind. We would like to continue sharing the book that I have written with Dr. Tortolero, “Learning to Love.” This book has been a great blessing, and many, many copies have been sold.

We have been studying the history of the People of Israel and why only two of the men who left Egypt entered the Promised Land. We have seen how they had difficulties with their sinful nature and did not allow the Spirit of God to transform their lives.

But, we have also gone further and discovered the importance of growing emotionally. Your spiritual growth must be connected to your emotional growth. You cannot grow spiritually if you do not grow emotionally.

Use your mind to grow emotionally

The question is, why is it hard for me to grow emotionally? I want to grow emotionally, I want to be different, treat my wife better, t have a better relationship with my children, a healthy relationship with my coworkers and people in my Church. But why is it hard for me? Where is the problem? Let’s analyze where the problem is.

What were the People of Israel’s problems? They had trouble growing emotionally. I have concluded that it is hard for us because of our lack of knowledge. What does this mean? That unless we know how the mind works, we will not be able to grow emotionally.

God incredibly created us. Each part of the body has its function: the arms, eyes, feet, hands, and others. Unless we learn how every part of the body works, practice, and use them efficiently and wisely, they will not be able to function properly, and we will have limitations. That is why we learn how to move our arms, hands, legs, and feet. And, we do it unconsciously.

God gave us an organ that allows us to connect and have healthy relationships with other people. It is the brain. God put it in our bodies, allowing us to connect and have healthy relationships with other people. Neuroscience proves this today. It explains that the brain is the organ created to be connected with other human beings, to grow emotionally, and to have emotional intelligence.

Using my mind to grow is essential

After two or three years of us being in the United States, my family and I decided to buy a Cadillac. We were five, as I have two brothers. We lived in Philadelphia and decided to buy it. It was not a brand-new car. It was four years old, but it was great. Besides, It had electric shock absorbers, we could not feel a thing on the road.

We were used to driving old Toyotas and Hondas, but now with the Cadillac, we felt we were floating on clouds. We could not believe what happened when we drove a car that was so sophisticated and so efficient. But, the day came when we had to fill the tank because it was almost empty. The five of us got in the car because we wanted to live the experience of fueling it for the first time. When we arrived at the station, we started looking at where the button was to open the little door to fill the tank.

We started comparing and looking at where the Toyotas and the Hondas had the little door. They were the cars we had before. So, we started getting frustrated and looking at each other. We were trying to find it by looking for it in the manual. It was written in English, and we did not know how to read English. We did not understand.

A simple solution

Then, the person in charge of dispensing the fuel comes and asks us why we were standing there and not putting fuel in the car. There is a line of cars waiting. We struggled with our language, trying to explain that we could not open the door. The person told us that it was very easy, we needed to push the door, and it will pop open. We were very surprised, we did not know!

We had a great car, sophisticated and good, but the car was useless if we did not know how to put fuel in it. The same happens to us. If we do not know how our brain works, our mind, and how to operate this machinery that God has put in our body, we will not be able to grow, connect, or t change those habits, patterns, and unhealthy behaviors we have.

Discover the power of your mind

There is power in the mind. An incredible power. Moreover, it controls the entire body. Nowadays, some scientists divide the mind into two areas: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Those are the two dimensions of it. Freud divides the mind into a third dimension, but let’s focus only on the division between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is everything you remember today, your memory, your present, now, your short-term memory. It has an extremely important role. For example, it processes 40 bits per second, and that is where positive thinking, identity, and creativity are. All of that is in the conscious mind. But, the subconscious mind is the important part.

The invisible power of the iceberg

If we compare the mind with an iceberg, the top part on the surface is only 10 percent of its totality. The large part is not visible, it is below the surface. The same happens in the brain and the mind. The conscious mind is what happens in the present, it is the tip of the iceberg, the visible part.

The most important thing for us is in the subconscious, at the base of the iceberg, the hidden part. It determines who we are, and how we behave. The subconscious contains all the traumatic, emotional memories, all the things that influence our behaviors are stored there. It determines how we will react to certain situations, which is fascinating.

Your unconscious mind protects you

Let me conclude with this story: my dad had a motorcycle, and we were in Cuba, and I was around eight years old when one day. The bike slipped, and we ended up in one place while the motorcycle was in another. I have a very clear memory that my head was a few inches away from a truck’s giant wheel, which was traumatic for me.

Since then, I have not been able to get on a motorcycle. Why? You see, this is the great thing about the subconscious: it prepares itself in advance, it helps you remember the difficult things that have happened to you in the past, and subconsciously, prepares you.

It prevents you from repeating or exposing yourself to problems, emergencies, and situations that have caused problems in your life before. Every time I think about getting on a motorcycle, the subconscious tells me: remember what happened to you. And I have not been able to do it again.

You must discover the power of your mind. Especially the subconscious. We will analyze how 95 percent of all the behaviors and decisions we make daily come from the subconscious, from all the experiences we have stored in our minds.

I invite you to continue reading our blog and to enjoy, t understand, and discover how to grow emotionally, so you can have healthy relationships. And I also invite you to visit my page, www.drduany.org, so you can learn much more.


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